No visit to the African nations or the Caribbean is complete without sampling some of its colourful flavours. The use of local and fresh ingredients make Afro-Caribbean food a delight on the senses.

But what is Afro-Caribbean food?

Blending unique spices, fresh herbs and fresh meats; that’s Caribbean food. A delightful fusion of European, African, Caribbean and Cajun. Afro-Caribbean cuisine (West Africa and the West Indies) is a winning mix of many different cultures.

  • Rice & PeasAnyone who is nervous about trying foreign food will love rice and peas. Simple and comforting Rice ‘n’ peas is a popular dish all over the Caribbean. With no two dishes the same every family thinks they have the best recipe. The rice is boiled with coconut milk giving it a fluffy sweet texture. Best served with jerk chicken with a kick to complement its sweet flavour.
  • Jerk ChickenWhen thinking of Caribbean food no doubt spicy Jerk springs to mind. A fiery spice, Jerk is the signature flavour of Jamaica. It refers to a style of cooking where meat is dry or wet marinated with a hot spice mixture.
  • Jollof RiceSpiced, smoky and stewed in a flavourful tomato broth, it is everything from "everyday" to celebration. Our classic version is cooked with basmati rice and seasoned with Nigerian-style curry powder and dried thyme. Served with fried, ripe plantains which we call dodo and coleslaw, it is everything.
  • Puff PuffA very popular West African street food that’s quick and easy to make with different variations, topped with chocolate or caramel sauce. Dangerously delicious and addicting!
  • Beef GeeraThis beef dish packs a punch from the spicy peppers and the roasted cumin and potatoes. It makes a hearty meal to have with friends or a good main with some side dishes.
  • Spicy Beef StewHearty and fiery, our spicy beef stew recipe will warm you right up in the cold winter months and keep you plenty satisfied. 
  • Fried PlantainsLooks like a banana but certainly doesn’t taste like one. This staple is devoured all over the Caribbean, it is fried or cooked as a delicious side or snack. Plantain is much starchier than bananas but has a sweet flavour which is perfect alongside any of our Afro-Caribbean foods.